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Thoughts about the art of owning something together

We knew it would be difficult to own something so expensive, accountability demanding and time-consuming as a boat together. But we also knew that it would be worth it. A 1000 times over with turquoise blue water around the hull and a grilled tuna on the table.

We did not listen to the world champions who were crowing about enmity, money and miles of legal contracts where our dream project would be defined and measured. We wanted to test our the wings of our friendship and drop large white shits on black suits, far below. If you never dare to try new paths, you are doomed to eat the same berries, year in and year out. And who the hell wants that?

One can compare our boat with a community, or a country, which the inhabitants jointly owns and has control over. We are the residents, six in number. The community is obviously 42fot long. Every resident has contributed an amount of money to get access to what society has to offer. But beyond that, you also have a responsibility, to contribute with your time and knowledge to make the society as wealthy as possible, though primarily to make it possible at all. We try to compromise and make everyone happy, we seek a caring and equal society where everyone gets their say. But we are 6 people, so sometimes it can get real tricky …

This is almost the toughest part about this project, but also the most enriching because working together jointly for a common goal is almost a lost knowledge nowadays when it’s all about YOU and YOUR needs and demands. screw that. Let’s drink cheap whine and watch the stars together!